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We believe that BIGBAG is a container that represents you and your product by means of Good Appearance, High quality printing, and no leakage, is a solution tailored for your processes in order to protect your product by means of Protection against foreign substances, Protection against UV light, Protection against Humidity, Facilitates your life at work by means of creating ease in filling, ease in discharge and easy in handling together with a very high level of safety.

In order to achieve above mentioned functionality one should possess 10.000m2 indoor production area in which High Repeatability is attained by means of state-of-the-art machines and automated technology providing stable quality. Another important feature within this 10.000m2 indoor area is the sophisticated in-house test stations including antistatic tests as well as BAM-Germany certified laboratory for ISO EN 21898 UN tests and certifications. Thereby, we develop, produce and certify bigbags in accordance with the international laws and regulations on Transport of Dangerous Goods.   

Being a Global Player requires continuous Improvements for attaining better manufacturing techniques and practices. We deliver the best solution in the form of a Bigbag for handling your product via our experience by serving for the most demanding products and processes in the world. Extensive list of references in all industries specially in Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food.

Within the production steps from raw material storage to final product warehouse, carefully placed procedures assure contamination free bigbags. Besides the ISO 8 certified clean room Bigbag production, HACCP certification for food grade production ensures protection against contaminants.

Highly versatile orientation of the Bigbag sewing workshops provide no limitations in order quantities as well as short lead times and excellent adaptation in "emergency" situations.

Our Global existence allow single-source of supply for international companies which have distributed plants all around the World. Our Local representation either by our own firms or partners provide after sales support services.

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